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HULASOL parasol

An exciting and brand new product -

we are proud to present to you HULASOL

A new type of parasol that provides shade by day and mood light by night. An innovative design for a high-end product. Hulasol is the world's first outdoor mood lamp and sun umbrella combined in one classy and eye-catching design.

Hulasol has asked us to tell their story to an international public: We have come up with crisp high-end product photography for their website, in addition to a lifestyle shoot where the Hulasol is shown in use, whilst for their product launch, a teaser film was made to 'catch the eye' on social media. With the international advertising campaign in mind we'll be creating a special campaign image, but, without you having to wait for that, we wanted to share the photography we have made so far for Hulasol.


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