Visual storytellers & concept creators in imagery



By combining a clear visual concept, simplicity and scale as well as a boundless quality for strong focus, Kollectiv Negativ creates unique images with that something little extra that allows you to tell your story in a personalised manner. We are located in Antwerp, but most of our work takes place all over the Benelux countries as well as in other places in Europe.


Our customers

Our clientele consists of a variety of small start-ups or burgeoning businesses and well-established brands in the worlds of interior design, architecture, advertising and fashion. We have attracted the attention of major brands like Nike, Philips, Komono, Verso, Diesel and other well-known companies to find ways to tell their story visually.

Architects and interior designers

Graphic designers

Major brands

Lesser known names

Fashion designers


High-end photography

A conceptual approach

A completely personalised set of services: we think collaboratively

A customer-friendly approach to our consultations

We understand what you need thanks to our years of experience in advertising photography

Service: wij leveren volgens afspraak

Finally, we don't forget the coffee either!

Onze ambitie

Elke opdracht bestaat uit drie vitale ingrediënten: Passie, kwaliteit en plezier in alles wat we doen. 

We zijn gespecialiseerd in high-end fotografie, waaronder interieurfotografie, architectuurfotografie, modefotografie en productfotografie. Hierbij brengen we de meest uiteenlopende services samen.


Looking for inspiring and upmarket photographers for an innovative conceptual production?
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Personal photography - and love
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Personal photography - and love
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Personal photography - and love
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