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Greg Van Osselaer

A graduate of KASKA (The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp), Greg has a master's degree in photography.

Inspired by photographers like Jeff Wall, Tim Walker, Paolo Roversi, Helmut Newton and others.

Specialist in interior decoration, fashion and architecture.

Free time: conceptual photography.

Maurice Nijhuis

A graduate of KASKA (The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp), Maurice has a master's degree in photography.

Inspired by photographers like August Sander, Diane Airbus, Irving Penn, Garry Winogrand and others.

Specialist in architecture, interior design, studio photography and more.

Free time: conceptual photography and portraits.


What gives an upmarket look to a photo is the creative team behind it. Depending on your request, we have a team of creative designers, make-up artists, art directors and marketing specialists who all play their part.
We take care to achieve a final result that will meet your expectations as a team.

It all starts with an informal conversation to get an idea of what your expectations and initial thoughts are. We ask - are we on the same wavelength?
Do we have a clear view of who you are and what you represent?

We also offer customised consultancy service. Thanks to our mood board, you will be able to see an image of the atmosphere we are thinking about.
Of course, each and every customer has a different look and specific expectations that are unique to them. That is why we always move towards an individual proposal where we always set the bar very high: each project is just as unique as each of our customers!



Passion. This is the thread that runs through our entire history.
Greg & Maurice: two professional photographers who bring together high-end photography concepts passionately.

Our passion for photography is nothing new. At the age of just 10 years old, Maurice took up a camera for the first time and lived out his passion in his own darkroom where he was able to create his own style through his own creative images. Greg developed a fascination for photography as a child, learning the skill of his father, a family photographer par excellence. Photography is, for him, a key way that he can show off his own personal touch.

After our studies at the Antwerp Academy and some important photography work together, we decided to pursue our shared passion together: Kollectiv Negativ. All the pieces of the puzzle have since come together: with a unique vision for quality, perfectionism, creativity, joy and photography, we work with passion to offer a totally personalised approach in all we do. Our common connection is not to just take pictures of the outside of something but to take shots that reveal more, that have real power and that tell a unique story. Together, we are better and we innovate our ideas, techniques and quality as a pair. Whether we are dealing with products, people or places, we stimulate each other to achieve a high-quality final result.

With Kollectiv Negativ, we show that we want to be a collective : a carefully selected team that is ready to grow. With unparalleled quality and an amazing customer experience all along the line, this is what is our real signature. At Kollectiv Negativ, you will also find the standard being set for film photography, which allows you to develop a negative to a positive image. Starting out with approximate ideas, we develop them by composing a personalised mood board, to ultimately come up with an image that works universally, thereby forming a positive story for ourselves and for our client.

Kollectiv Negativ makes your story tangible with high-end photography.

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